About Candace



Who: Candace Howze

Occupation: Writer/Visual Aficianado

Hails from: The Buckeye State –> The Tarheel State

Specialties: cooking breakfast, moving sod, eating barbecue, writing poetry, performing under pressure

Candace Howze embarked on her blogging journey in 2011 under the name TarHeelDream, and posted intermittently throughout her undergraduate career. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill she returned to her blog and decided to rebrand as Scribing Fingers, launching a new look in 2016. Her love for all things arts, travel, health, hair, and entertainment-related produced this platform where she spreads messages of self-improvement, adventure, and love.

Candace’s approach to blogging reflects her passionate curiosity and zest for life. You will find DIY tutorials, product reviews, personal commentary, history lessons, and cultural critiques. Sprinkled among her writing are photos and videos that Candace produces for the blog. The moniker of beauty, lifestyle, or arts blogger don’t apply here. You won’t see just one topic represented, you’ll see a holistic representation of the millennial woman today and the many subjects that inspire and influence her life.

The name Scribing Fingers is a playful description of the writing process. When we type on a keyboard or guide a pen across a notebook, our “fingers” are literally “scribing.” Candace’s first love is writing and it’s this commitment to the power of the written word that drives each post, whether she’s sharing a funny story from her travels or showing readers how to craft the perfect twist out.