Why You Need Senita Workout Gear in Your Closet


We’ve all been there. Great workout gear that fits well AND feels comfortable (jackpot, right?). BUT there’s never anywhere to put our keys. Or our phone. Or our chapstick. Or any other slight but important practical gear while embarking on a run or a trip to the gym. Senita Athletics answers ALL of these concerns, making it the must-have staple for every woman’s closet.

Senita is all about sisterhood, and with their vibrant colors and patterns, they are certainly eye-catching. Virtually every piece of Senita Athletics clothing has storage built in, so you can bring your phone or keys without an extra armband, fanny pack or — God forbid but we’ve all done it at least once — holding it in your hand. *shudders*



Top: Ivy Park | Bottoms: Senita Athletics


When I say virtually every item has a slot to hold things, I mean it! That includes leggings, shorts, sports bras, even headbands! This pair of Sprint shorts look like your average jogging shorts, but hidden underneath are bright-colored spandex shorts with a roomy pocket that can hold even the largest phone.



From Senita Athletics


basuI stumbled across their site while looking for affordable athletic gear not too long ago and fell in love with the colors, styles and practicality. If you’re like me you probably run with your phone and keys. While an armband is great for helping me record runs on my Nike Run app, it’s hard for me to find armbands that fit sometimes. And holding my keys is always a point of distress because there’s nowhere to put them! I run with a Basu e-alarm too (remember the “sound grenade” that Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte endorsed shortly after his fiasco in Rio?) for safety purposes, and although it’s small and comes with a carabiner clip, there’s nothing to do but hold it in my hand or try to stick in my sports bra, and that’s just not comfortable.


The Super Set Crops I’m wearing here have a tight fit that is completely breathable and features a mesh pocket on either side and an inner pocket (see photo at left) which is great for holding your keys, ID, MP3 or phone if it’s raining out during your run.

I have run, lifted weights, did cardio, and made trips to the store in these leggings. They retail for $36 and deliver the same quality as a high-end pair from a big-name brand. I don’t know about you, but it’s great to find good products that work in real-life instead of having to settle for items that don’t fit how the average person uses them.

It actually makes me think about the larger issue of women’s clothing and pockets. We like to carry things too! I guess most designers feel that women will carry everything in a big handbag, or perhaps it’s a ploy to force us to buy purses and totes, but we like to stick things in our pockets too. All these fake pockets on jeans and pants and pocket-less athletic gear must stop. And that’s why we can turn to Senita. 🙂


What workout gear do you like rocking? Having clothes that make you feel confident, strong, and motivated are very important. Do you like specific pieces to workout in, or is your everyday style athleisure? What kind of features do you look for in a piece of workout clothing? You know what to do! Hop in the comment box below.