African Black Soap Skincare Update!

Greetings everyone!

So a little over 3 weeks ago (where has the time gone??) I introduced you to my new skincare routine, which involves African Black Soap, followed by Thayer’s toner, sunscreen, and whipped shea butter.


In the time since I began this, I have found my skin to be much more moisturized and softer. I do feel like my skin is a bit brighter, but of course, my even complexion is still far in the future. I don’t expect to see results until after 6 weeks, but it’s cool to check in halfway and make note of my progress.

Can you tell a difference since I began this new skincare routine? SZA recently shared that African Black Soap cured her cystic acne, so I’m going to keep at it!

What products or changes are you making to your health/beauty routine? Let me know in the comment box below and be sure to subscribe for more blog posts!