How Binge Writing Can Save Your Blog

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Image courtesy of Pixabay

It’s been quite some time since we’ve caught up. Most weekends, I’m busy scribbling down all of the topics I want to discuss on the blog and taking notes of what would be a good post. And then I start doing chores, or watch a movie, or pass out on the couch , and nothing gets written. We’ve all been there, when procrastination seems just as urgent as actually finishing the task in the first place.

In the past year that I’ve been sticking to the 3 posts per week goal, I’ve learned a trick to help me stay on top of things. It’s okay to be realistic about your expectations and understand that unless you are full-time blogging (and even if you are), every day will not grant you the time to write a polished post with good content and images. I’ll be the first to admit it!

We have lives outside of our web pages, and those things can make it difficult to sit down and lay out an effective post. Sometimes the inspiration isn’t there. Other times – if I’m lucky – I can weasel in a great article during lunchtime, or feel motivated to write a response to something that happened recently in the news.

To avoid the downtime that’s plagued me these past couple of months, I like to do a bit of binge writing, if you will. This means I write several posts when I have time. Those outlines on the weekends turn into full posts. I give myself a goal of 3-7 posts so that I’m about 1-2 weeks ahead. After a few hours of writing on various topics, all I have to do at that point is add images and schedule when they will publish!

It’s easier for me to write small things in one large chunk of time than to write something good every couple of days. It cuts down on stress and doesn’t make your blog dependent on your whirlwind schedule. Even now, I have blogs written a few days in advance, to help me get back on track with my weekly posting goals.

Next time you’re feeling bad about leaving your blog dormant, try writing two posts during your next block of free time. Turn your writing sessions into a mental workout! You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily your posts and traffic increase. Don’t bog yourself down with unrealistic expectations. If your lifestyle doesn’t afford you the chance to sit at the computer every day or every week, set aside time at longer intervals so you’re prepared in advance. Happy binge writing!