To My Fellow White Evangelicals

Earlier this morning I read an article in the Washington Post that told the story of how 80% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump. My heart sank. As a person of faith, I could not reconcile how the lessons of love and grace that Christians are taught every Sunday could back such a hate-spewing individual and reviler. But this is not where my dismay ended. I felt my heart sinking because I am a young woman of color, and many of my friends and Christian peers are white evangelicals. So many of my Caucasian friends posted online about their deep concern, love and respect for each of the groups Donald Trump attacked during his campaign and they gladly offered their support. I know that being Christian alone makes me and my white evangelical friends allies, but after seeing the exit polls and hearing the deafening silence of my old small group members, I wasn’t sure. And that discouraged me to the point of tears.

I am not asking anyone to be a political commentator, I am asking them to be a city on a hill, to show the sincerity and love that Christ bids us to. I am being vulnerable here so you understand how healing these words were in the following blog post. I hope they are touching to you as well and I hope they help us all exemplify God’s love better. She spoke these words better than I ever could and they gave me great strength today and faith in God’s people when I was tempted to doubt.

Proverbs 12:25 Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down, But a good word makes it glad.

Claire in DC

lizWe interrupt our not-so-regular schedule of book nerding to address an issue dear to my heart. This is a guest post by my roommate, dear friend, and fellow Christian, Liz Dawson. She would welcome respectful discussion at

To my fellow Christians:

Or should I say, my fellow white evangelicals—a term that I don’t personally use, but that, technically speaking, applies to me.

I don’t agree with you on many political issues, but our (presumed) common faith makes us family. And when family members disagree, they should speak frankly and firmly, but kindly, right? (Colossians 3:15-16) Okay, then.

White evangelicals voted overwhelmingly (81%) for Donald Trump. Maybe you voted for him because you despise “crooked Hillary Clinton” and feared her leadership. Maybe you simply don’t trust her. Maybe you’re a single-issue (abortion) voter. Maybe you were concerned about a Democrat stacking the deck of the Supreme Court against your religious…

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