Removing Makeup the Right Way

I talk about a lot of things on this blog as many of you know, but one that I rarely talk about is DIY projects, which I should probably do more often seeing as how I love natural home remedies. So my first DIY post is going to center around one of the easier projects for you to complete. It only requires 5 items – two of which I guarantee you have lying around at home.


image courtesy of Food Fun Family

Anyone who wears make-up knows that the cardinal sin you can commit is going to sleep with your make-up on. We’ve all been guilty of it once or twice, whether you passed out on the couch inadvertently, or lazily walked past the bathroom because you were too tired to care. Makeup removers are sold at the store in the form of wipes and cleansers, but they can be pricey and contain harsh chemicals that irritate skin. I have dry skin naturally, so anything with too much alcohol can start to strip the surface of my face. The best alternative is homemade makeup remover pads. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • one jar (fairly slim, can be a mason jar or an old pickle jar – you choose!)
  • cotton pads (only $1 or $2 at your local drugstore or grocery)
  • water (I’m trust you have this in your faucet or fridge, or you can use distilled)
  • coconut oil (natural coconut oil from the health section of your grocery NOT Crisco)
  • baby shampoo (it doesn’t irritate, and when used alone, removes eye makeup like nothing I’ve ever seen. Johnson & Johnson is my favorite – NO TEARS)

homemade wipe by yours truly

Assuming you have about an 8-10 ounce jar, fill it with a tablespoon of coconut oil. You may have to pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to liquefy the oil at the base of the jar. Add a couple of teaspoons of baby shampoo. Fill the jar to the bottom of its neck with water. Close the lid and shake until it’s combined. Then fill the jar with cotton pads, pushing them down as you go and packing the jar (I can generally get a pack and a half of cotton pads in one jar). These are all approximate measurements, I don’t actually measure them out by teaspoons, but you can. Simply eyeball the amounts until you have a system that works well for you. Sometimes you can add your favorite essential oil or rose water to the mix, even a drop of alcohol or witch hazel if your skin doesn’t mind it, but I keep it simple.

I typically follow the makeup remover with my usual cleanser and moisturizer. What’s great about this “recipe” is that it’s chemical free and won’t disrupt your normal skin care routine! It’s effective for even heavy makeup and it also smells really clean. Try DIY Makeup Remover for yourself and leave a comment below!