This Day…Years Ago


So, Facebook has this new thing that reminds you of what you were doing on this day X amount of years ago, and today it reminded me of all the times I finished finals, left for home, or was chilling somewhere after completing another year of college, complete with filtered Instagram images. While it’s sometimes weird to have something pop up and remind you of every little move you ever made on the Internet, it’s also cool to look back at how you’ve grown or where you were at a certain period of life.

All of this made me think, what would you do if you could meet a different era of yourself? Meet yourself at 7 or 15, 32 or maybe even 60. Would you like who were? Is there something you’d change? Apart from the side of you that’s thinking “this is really freaky and weird, please stop” you have to admit it’s kind of cool? Because certainly there’s things that 3-Years-Ago-On-Facebook You wouldn’t do now, and in turn you’re probably doing something today that you’ll scrunch your nose up about in a few more years. It’s all relative, but the underlying thought is that we are all varying versions of the same person, reacting and adapting to our environment and circumstance. Everything is changing, everything is to be cherished, everything is something beautiful, even the struggle.

Screenshot 2016-10-18 at 9.42.34 PM.png

I hope you have a great weekend, keep #freethinking on this beautiful Friday!