Leaving Puddles


Today, I had to leave Puddles, as I do every morning before heading to work. I pick her up, play with her, make sure she’s well-stocked on food and water, and hurry out the door while yelling the same bunny mantra: Eat your food, drink your water, use your litter pan, and BE GREAT! However, this morning was not a typical goodbye. Puddles is a big girl, and this weekend she will be alone for two whole days by herself while mommy (me) is away for the weekend.

I’ve been quite worried about this for some time as I see how attached she is. Every evening she sits on her makeshift bed waiting for me to pick her up or let her out of the cage. Believe me when I say I feel guilty as charged about leaving her, even though I knew it would happen sooner or later.


So this morning, after I picked her up as usual, I filled her water bottles, food bowl, and hay feeder to the brim. Then I gave her cardboard tubes filled with hay, all her favorite brand new toys, and a giant mountain of alfalfa to last her a lifetime. In other words, Puddles suddenly found herself in a cage full of everything she ever wanted, and that called for a giant binky across the cage! Followed by her visiting each food station and then sitting down to look at it all.

I know Puddles will be just fine until Sunday, but I miss her already. She’s my little bundle of joy, and any minute without her, is a minute too long.