8 Reasons Bunnies Are Better Than Puppies


IG: @bunnypuddles

  1. They don’t make noise. No barking, no purring, no growling or snickering. other than the thump of them jumping from one corner to the other, or the light chopping sound of chewing when you’re close to them eating, you’ll never know they’re there.
  2. They are cheaper than dogs. A purebred puppy could run you easily $400 on a deal, but as much as $900-$1200 in other parts of the country, or depending on what breed you purchase. A bunny is only $70-120 apiece.
  3. They are less maintenance. Rabbits don’t have to visit the vet unless they are sick or getting spayed/neutered. A large bag of hay and rabbit pellets can run just $5-8 a bag and last a bunny several months. That’s much less than the monthly/weekly cost of puppy chow. Rabbit toys also weigh in at about 1-4 bucks and bedding can be purchased in bulk at an affordable rate. Cage kits for rabbits cost $60-120 and with discounts at online pet stores you can purchase a large cage, water bottle, food bowl and hay feeder for about $75. How’s that for affordable?
  4. You can entertain them with little to nothing. Rabbits are extremely independent, selfish even, so they can rely on little to keep them happy. An empty paper towel or toilet paper roll provides them loads of fun, as does shredded newspaper and plain cardboard.
  5. They are smart and independent. Rabbits can be left alone for hours without human or peer interaction. This means you don’t have to feel bad about being gone shopping for hours, or wonder if your bunny has grown to resent you by the time you return home from work. As long as their cage is fully stocked with food and water they can be left alone for hours, even days, with no destruction to their area from boredom.
  6. They can be potty-trained. Although it takes some persistence, bunnies can be litter-trained just as well as cats, meaning once they’ve learned, you’ll only have to worry about bunny waste in one corner of the cage, making cleaning a breeze, especially since rabbit poo is no bigger than a peppercorn. Plus, you can flush rabbit poo down the toilet, or throw it in the backyard to use as compost.
  7. Rabbits have little odor. Their waste can produce a slight odor if it’s left for several days, but rabbits themselves and their cages don’t smell, so you’re house won’t resemble a farm. And when you clean out their cage (which only takes about 5 minutes) you won’t deal with large smelly piles of poo like dogs leave.
  8. They are lovable and cuddly. Bunnies are super cuddly and cute! They are as affectionate as they are independent and while I know you’re thinking “puppies are too!” just remember that bunnies are little fur balls of joy that will snuggle near you then play hide and seek. What could be better than that?