Bringing Home Puddles



I am now the proud owner of a Holland Lop bunny! Her name is Puddles and shes just about 8 weeks and a little over one pound.

For the past year or so I’ve wanted another pet. I had quite a few growing up, a German Shepherd, multiple fish, a turtle, and even a squirrel. However, your lifestyle isn’t always conducive to having a dog, and we’re simply never home enough to have a puppy. So, I started researching other pets and discovered that a rabbit was the perfect fit, as they are low maintenance, less expensive than dogs, and very independent, meaning they can be left alone to themselves for long periods of time. And they don’t cost a fortune!

I purchased Puddles from Becca’s Bunnies, a breeder in Youngsville, NC, and bought her supplies from Petco and Petsmart. After picking her up yesterday, I’ve spent the past 24 hours or so helping her get adjusted and watching her play around in her cage. She is the softest, cutest animal I’ve ever seen and a joy to have in the house. I thought she would spend most of her time trembling in the corner, but she is vivacious and excited about her new home. She’s explored every inch of her new cage and eats without reservation. I think Puddles is completely sold on her new life as a house rabbit!


The next week or so will be spent litter training her and getting her used to seeing us. She’s already very smart and active: she jumps up and down on her shelf, plays with her toys, stretches, stands up, and cleans her face. She really likes belly rubs and leg tugs. You can follow her Instagram page, @bunnypuddles to keep up with her latest adventures. The rest of this week I’ll be blogging about Puddles and holland lop bunnies in general.


IMG_3390 (1)

If you have stories, tips or feedback on life with rabbit or pets comment below!