Making It


By the time you see this I would have accomplished something very special. I would have met my blog goal for the first week of 2016! Now I just have to do that 51 more times, but let’s not worry about the details.

While many things have taken place that I can’t wait to tell you about there is one thought I hope you take into the weekend. Don’t be afraid to do something that feels really hard, impossible even. I know, I know you’ve heard this before and it’s just old news. What I mean is your ideas are important and they mean something. They are worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears that it takes to make them tangible. They are worth your full attention.

So don’t be afraid to move on your ideas and desires and dreams. Reach out and touch that thing you’re hoping for. Create something that doesn’t exist. You will have a healthy soul because of it. We aren’t here long, so do all the things that seem extraordinary, because YOU my friend, are incredible.