Hey 2016 Hey!


Christmas decorations are disappearing from living rooms and windows, champagne glasses and empty bottles of wine litter the floor. Soon, it will sink in that the holiday season has concluded and 2016 is ready to get down and fantastically dirty.

2016 will be the blog’s first full calendar year as Scribing Fingers. I’m so excited to bring you new content and share some really inspiring ideas for the new year. Everyone is busy reinventing and improving during this time, so it’s important to learn ways to keep this motivation strong throughout the next 12 months ahead. The new layout of the blog is 3 posts per week: on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Sunday because it’s good to start your week off right (*wink wink*), Tuesday because it’s my favorite day, and Friday because who doesn’t love a bit of Friday fun?

This is also a big year because my latest creative project–a chapbook–will be self-published! Now that I’m in the final stages of the book I decided to give you all a first sneak peek, which means you get to hear the title first, straight from me: Letters About Losing You. I can assure you there’s more than meets the eye, but you’ll have to mull over it for a bit. I’m very happy and grateful to be able to share some of my work and present this to you in a professional format. There will be updates, excerpts and links to purchase a copy all on the blog and my site soon, so be sure to subscribe to stay in the loop.

Mostly, I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I look forward to meeting more of you and networking in the months ahead. I know that together we can create really amazing spaces to connect. Talk to you soon!