5 Facts About People With Big Dreams

previously published on Puckermob


1. You often find yourself daydreaming

You daydream in the middle of the day about your goals and ambitions, doodling on notes of paper, or laying wide awake at night thinking about what you want to become. Your mind is often controlled by your heart, because with dreams so big and exciting it’s hard not to fantasize, plan out, and play through every moment you want to happen.

2. You’re often unsatisfied with your current state

Patience is key, but try telling that to someone who dreams of being a star, curing cancer, or traveling the world. With dreams so vivid, it’s hard to be comfortable where you are because it’s never what you ultimately want to be. You know deep down that you’re destined to do amazing things, and all you can think about is “getting there,” which means the current state of affairs, just leaves you in continuous anxiety.

3. You are an extremely focused person

Big dreams don’t just pop into your head out of nowhere, they are cultivated and built from passionate ideas. Big dreamers won’t let anything stand in the way of achieving their goals, and thus are very focused on steps that lead to their success. Whether you’re a careful planner or like to wing it with luck, every decision you make has your dreams in mind.

4. You are protective of your dreams

Negativity is everywhere and you’re sure not to let anyone squash your giant ideas. You have a vision, and only those who share your vision are allowed to see it. If you have really big dreams, you probably haven’t shared them with more than a few people, and even they may not have heard the whole story. Only you see the whole dream, and it’s much too dangerous to throw it out there to get trampled on.

5. You are easily inspired

This may not seem like a big deal, but often it takes a lot to rev up someone’s engine. Not you! Your dreams are very real and alive to you; hearing about someone else’s amazing story gets you motivated and fills you with hope. Inspiration is all around you, and you thrive off of it, knowing you’ll be the next success story in no time! While your friends are on the couch consenting the big stage to everyone on TV, you’re working hard in your field of expertise, following your role models and staying encouraged.