14 Things That Happen When You Go Natural


1. Your Kitchen Becomes a Beauty Supply Store

Move over Murray’s; olive oil, mayonnaise, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar are the new go-to’s. You will soon realize how much you can do with ingredients right in your pantry.

2. All of Your Money Goes to Hair Products

Once you’ve used up all your cooking oils you’ll be living for those BOGO Shea Moisture sales at Walgreens, the latest Kinky Curly cream and anything else you can get your hands on, you product junkie you.

3. People Ask You When You’re Going to “Do Your Hair”

Expect quips from everyone including your mama, sister, co-worker bestie, and estranged neighbor Cheryl. “When will you do you hair,” “how long will this last,” “you really got to your “Blackness” and more. No, this is not a phase.

4. YouTube Becomes Your Best Friend

You’ll spend hours on YouTube and every blog/social media site learning tips for styling and caring for those kinky locks. Then you’ll get jealous because you never look like the tutorial, but we all know you’ll be up there tomorrow looking for inspiration.

5. You Miss Your Straight Locks

When you first start transitioning or even after the big chop you will mourn your straight hair briefly–it’s easy combing and long ponytails. You might find yourself in the aisle at Sally’s holding a tub of shea butter and gazing longingly at the creamy crack. DON’T DO IT!

6. People Slam You for Protective Styling

When you put in your first wig/sew-in/crochet braids/box braids, etc you’ll get the side eye for being a big hypocrite by all those who don’t understand. No I am not ashamed, I’m just giving my hair a break.

7. Natural Women Will Love You

Prepare yourself for naturals and random cashiers to express their love for your locks and ask eager questions. Even relaxed and non-black friends will shower you with affection. It comes with the territory. Own it.

8. You Smell Like Fruit and Shea Butter

Best benefit? All your hair products smell like fruit and berries, so you’ll have a big mane of sweet-smelling aroma following you everywhere. Mmmmm!

9. People Will Ask if You Cut Your Hair

No, I did not cut my hair. It’s called shrinkage, which is a sign of healthy hair. I can wear my hair in a million ways per week. Get at me.

10. Wash Day Becomes a Thing

Pre-poo, shampoo, detangle, condition, section, deep condition, style. Oh, did I mention condition? Better pop in some movies cause this is gonna be a looooong day

11. Perm Rods and Bobby Pins are Your New Styling Tools

You suddenly realize you’re styling routine consists of bobby pins, twists and perm rods instead of cords, heat and sprays. Your morning routine is shorter too, now that you can spritz, fluff and go!

12. You Get to Know Yourself

You’ll big chop and freak out for “looking like a boy”, then you’ll see those kinks and curls and it’ll feel like meeting yourself for the first time. If you’ve been relaxed or blown out most of your life, you’ll finally see yourself in a whole new light. Hello you.

13. You Learn How to Care for Yourself

This might seem weird, but the commitment will be worthwhile once you realize you can care for, style and maintain your God-given hair in its own state and actually look good! You also have more options — curly or straight – the sky is the limit!

14. You Realize you Made the Best Decision

Several months and inches later you’ll wonder why you ever treated your hair any different, and you’ll love yourself like never before, taking pride in your rare and original kinky curls! You’ll be proud that you took the plunge to accept yourself despite society’s standards and look flawless! Do you boo.