New Name; Same Me

Some of you may have noticed that my blog has a different title: Scribing Fingers. What prompted this peculiar name change? A need to encompass more of what this blog is really about and intends to be, without becoming too niche in the process.

I started this blog shortly before leaving home for college and titled it TarheelDream because at the time my life centered around the fact that my dream was coming true: I was going to be a Tar Heel. And while that has remained true and served its purpose nicely over the past four years, as I graduated and looked back at my expanding material I didn’t at all want my blog to appear like an ode to my school, or even current state of residence. I wanted it to be neutral, telling, for everyone.

From that moment the act of renaming it actually wasn’t difficult at all. I knew instantly to go with my old Twitter name, “scribingfingers,” which I’d created to symbolize that I am always writing, and using my hands to do so. Given that I write my blog on many topics, including writing, it seemed a perfect fit to describe who I am, what I do and the voice of this site.

So, I hope you like the new title and the new look. Drop me line and share your thoughts. Have you changed your blog/name recently?