30 Things You Should ALWAYS Say Yes To

Thought Catalog

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1. Buying that book that’s been on your “to read” list for the last two years.

2. Meeting your best friend for some late-night drive-thru.

3. Going to a wedding even if you don’t know anyone else there.

4. Agreeing to happy hour with that coworker you don’t know very well.

5. Starting a healthier diet, even if you do it slowly with one small change at a time.

6. Seeing movies in theater once in a while.

7. Spending a relaxing night in when you know you really need it, even when your friends are pressuring you to go out.

8. Accepting the help an employee offers you in that store you’re unfamiliar with.

9. Taking a night away from technology to relax on the porch, eat a nice meal, start a good book, or do anything else that will give your eyes some time away from screens.

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