2013 Shutters

Since it’s New Year’s Day I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the past 365 days. There are so many things that happened this year that I completely forgot about, and going through my old snapshots was quite a joy.

Today I challenge you to take a snapshot of something every day in 2014. It could be of anything, the view from your window, a cup of coffee, your family, yourself, someplace you visit. Most of us take pictures anyway, so some days won’t be hard to cover. But on the other days, those mundane days how about a quick click of the camera anyway: a stack of mail, your favorite TV show, a book lying on the coffee table. You would be shocked by how much it says about you and your life. At the end of the year you could have a pretty neat montage. Try a site like 365 Project to get started. Even taking a picture a week can tell you so much about your year.

Have a safe New Year’s and let me know how 2013 treated you!