halfway to kenan

130418_0001Spring comes and the azaleas take over Chapel Hill. Walking from one end of campus to the other feels a lot like walking through a picture book. Every day I walk through one iconic scene after another, and personally I never give it much thought until the spring. Something about the fresh, new atmosphere encourages me to open my eyes to the beauty around me as I shuffle between classes, office hours, and meetings.

School is over. Finals have ended. I’m laying in my bed. Junior status has snuck upon me and two years of college have rushed behind me. A lot  has happened academically, spiritually, and socially. This was far from a “sophomore slump.” Every time I begin to make sense of everything I’ve been through I find myself at a loss for thoughts and words. It all blurs together. I know I have grown, and I’m not the same person I was when I started college or even this school year, but it’s hard to say how, why, and when those changes occurred. I made new friends and learned who really has my best interests at heart, but that was a process too.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and graduation day. 3,000 students will say goodbye to a place that had a huge impact on their lives. As my senior friends fill Kenan Stadium to receive their diplomas, I will be reminded that I’m halfway there, two years to go.

Great Moments From a Great Year