These Nights

A first draft I am working on.

These Nights
Who knows what the future holds?
Who knows if you are in my plans
Or if I am in yours.
Right now we don’t intend to go our separate ways.
Right now we just want the other to stay.
But we are not lovers we are
Just friends.
Friends who are young and hope these nights never end.
We may be inseparable now, but what about when
Life happens to us?
Will we drift away like a poorly tied knot?
Will I find myself wafting on a sea of unfulfilled promises
And shipwrecked dreams?
Right now, we are young and we have
The present to make something happen.
We have time and strength and courage.
 Our lives met for this moment, for this purpose,
For our now.
I can only imagine what we will be
Or what you will mean to me
When this ends.
When life as we know it is all over.
When the earth no longer revolves
Around us.
I wonder if there is a way to part
without saying goodbye.
photo credit: Bob AuBuchon via photopin cc