Your Hands

The first thing I noticed was your hands.
My eyes traced your fingers, your nails, the smoothness of your palms
drawing a mental heart around the only part of you that had yet to touch me.
I knew I would never feel the same way about anything
because you can’t undo the kind of tracing my mind did
when I repeated every word you spoke,
meticulously taking note of every line of your body.
And when I heard your voice, the chains and gates around
my heart – meant to protect me from Cupid’s shots – fell faster than
a flash of lightning and I melted from your flame in spite of myself.
Now, all I keep thinking about is your name, your name, your name.
 There I go, there I go, there I go, there I go.
Pretty baby you are the soul who snaps my control.
Such a funny thing but every time you’re near me.
I never can behave.
I must admit that I am in love. But not the kind of love
that makes you foolish, stupid, or do crazy things.
I’m talking about the kind of love that makes you in awe 
of how beautiful something so simple can be.
I’m talking about a love that is too good to be real – even for me.
A love that cannot be handled or broken,
sifted or worn, because I have hid it in a box called my heart
and it only exists in my head.
He doesn’t love me back you see.
Now I know I can’t make you feel the way I do,
I cannot write our love song across bars of sharps and flats.
I can’t place you at tenor and me at soprano, singing sweet
a capella nothings into the air cause we never needed music.
Honey we are music, our love is the song I sing to myself
when I wish you were never me right now.
I cannot explain that I am now grateful for the hurt and the pain.
The sad songs and walks in the rain. I thank God for the road I came
down, that led me to you.
If life is like the movies, I pray you are my final destination
rewarding me for my patience. You are the prize that so many girls
ran for but I won.
In my dreams I see your hands inside mine.
I see our fingers intertwined and they send up shockwaves
through our bodies receiving signals we cannot deny.
I want to touch you, like you touched me.
I pray that the thought of you brings you closer to me.