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As I continue this journey of writing and becoming an experienced author, poet, blogger, and journalist I am amazed by all of the opportunities available. I recently stumbled across a new website, Welcome to College Freshman. The entire site is written by college students and provides advice to incoming freshman. I decided to apply for a contributor position and was very excited to receive an e-mail informing me that my application was accepted. Within twenty-four hours I submitted my first article and was featured on the site!

home page on Welcome to College Freshman

my article on the home page

The article provides three simple tips to help college freshman stay organized as they begin classes. You can read the story in its entirety here. I am blessed to have this opportunity to improve my craft. Hopefully, I can post a story each week and help incoming students around the country (even the world) transition to their new university. I wish this site was here when I started school. Now, I have the chance to contribute to its success.

If you are looking for ways to share your writing or build experience, don’t stop looking! There are many legitimate projects floating throughout cyber space. If you know a college student or high school senior who enjoys writing, direct them to Welcome to College Freshman. Don’t forget to share your writing stories in the comments space below!