Wild and Wonderful

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I spent two days in Charleston, West Virginia. This was my first time visiting in one whole year, so to say the least I was very excited. Most of my immediate family on my dad’s side lives there. Charleston is a nice small city where everyone knows everyone and people are very nice. I have always felt at home there.

We (my parents and I) left early Friday evening during a severe thunderstorm and tornado watch that spanned three states.  While we drove, it rained on and off through parts of NC and VA. It was a little scary—at one moment we were surrounded by a dark cloud that hung low in the sky and seemed to surround the entire vehicle (yikes!). Thankfully nothing too serious happened during our trip. We arrived around 10pm and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Saturday’s agenda:

  1. Help my grandmother cook cornbread and cabbage
  2. Help my parents plant four new shrubs in grandma’s garden
  3. Go to my uncle’s house for a cookout

Before we began our busy day, we made homemade biscuits. While we were baking, a deer had a baby in my grandma’s backyard! We didn’t notice she was giving birth until we looked out the window and saw her cleaning off the tiny spotted newborn deer. He hobbled on his tiny legs a few times as he learned to walk. I was afraid to go on the porch and take a picture because they might get scared and run away. There are plenty of deer that live on the hill and every time we visit they are sure to entertain us!

Sunday morning we woke up and ate breakfast at my aunt’s house. Before we left, the whole family played Just Dance and Michael Jackson The Experience. Talk about fun!

I am very thankful for my family and this opportunity to spend time with them. That is one more item checked off my list Summer To-Do List. I can’t wait to fill you in on the next installment. Ciao!