Watermelon Juice

A new poem I’m working on. Please let me know what you think. All comments and thoughts are welcome. 🙂

It’s ten years later
And I still feel the cold
Watermelon juice sliding down my arm
Dripping onto my feet and
Sliding in between my toes.
My puppy used to lick people’s feet
I wonder if she still does.
When the days are longer
And the mercury goes higher
Than the rings on the giant oak tree
(and it has a lot of rings)
I think about things.
Mostly, I remember things.
I remember watermelon juice.
I remember you.
Those shoes in my closet
Don’t fit anymore.
I should give them away.
It’s just hard
To part with a piece of myself
That I never said goodbye to.
I woke up one morning
And I was this way.
The watermelon juice no longer
Crawls down my arm.
I was a messy eater then.
My puppy is no longer a puppy.
She is no longer mine.
You are a hazy recollection
I mistake for a dream.