Firefly Glow

A short poem about the summer nights I spent chasing fireflies. Enjoy.
digital image of fireflies glowing at night

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Firefly Glow
Green glow in the darkness, small light in the night.
A small silent North Star buzzes past all summer night.
I am suddenly a-shining right where I stand.
I catch a soft green glow, right in the palm of my hand.
Away goes the small light, to catch up with the stars.
I see a flash of darkness coming to this light.
Run to the green glow!
The night’s official song.
I see a dance of happiness, deep inside the glow.
Lights go out quickly. I do not see my friends.
I must wait until the next night, to shine once again.
And when darkness falls upon me,
and nighttime is clear.
It’s green glow in the darkness,
small light once again.