Life Safari

Everyone should read the book Life Safari by John P. Streleckyphoto of cover . It is a short yet impactful tale that will encourage you to think about life. The story is about Jack, an American man who has saved all his money to achieve one of his dreams: visit Africa. There he meets an unlikely guide named Ma Ma Gambe who shows him the animals he’s always wanted to see, and so much more. She introduces him to the idea of the Big Five for Life and helps him to make sense of life.

The book is very realistic and captivating. It is also filled with wisdom and passages worth quoting. You will not be able to put this story down and once you finish it you will want to read it again and again.

I don’t usually tell my friends to go read a book, but this time I did. And now, I’m telling you–go read Life Safari. You won’t regret it.

“If we are always worrying about what is coming next, we sacrifice the chance to interact with everything that is going on around us.” – Life Safari