Read My Heart

One of the many things I’m looking forward to this summer is visiting my family. One of my visits to West Virginia inspired me to write this poem:

If you could read my heart.
There’d be every name on my family tree.
There’d be Charleston, West Virginia.
There lies every part of me.
If you could read my heart.
There’d be words of love, of joy.
They’d extend to the end of the ages.
My heart would fill books galore.
If you could see inside me.
I wonder what you’d find.
Because amidst the jumbledness.
Lies my love for time.
If you could read my heart,
right now there’d be many tears.
And great, short memories.
That fill my joyous years.
But I can’t put to words
my feelings.
And my heart stays locked away.
Every family member that I know,
I keep them there to stay.
I want you to read my heart.
Please tell me what it says.
Please help me never forget.
This feeling.


© 2012 Candace Howze