It All Starts Here

Wow. I have found a place to put all of my crazy, funny, meaningful, thoughtful, LOUD, soft, colorful, urgent words. This is not my personal vent against the world, or a peek into the dark private corners of my mind. It is merely the thoughts I choose to share, I want to share, about life in general. About why it is so valuable. Why we must grab it and ride it wild into the sunset. Why we must speak up. Why we must fight back. Why we must love. Why we must remember. Why we must follow God. And why our lives are important-to us-and also to everyone else. The people we meet (good and bad) help make us who we are, and we help to make them.

So, this is my voice. I believe in my voice. I feel its power, I hear its tone, and I know that it has no limits. I know there is an audience that will find it, and I pray that the voice cascading from my keyboard will fall kindly on the ears (and eyes) of those who read it. This is my shout out to the world, all day every day, for the world is one of the uninhibited things God gave us to explore. When you read this, when you wake up, when you step foot out of your house, your apartment, your “whatever,” there should be one thing at the top of your to-do list (if you’re not sure how to accomplish it, just pray):